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Enable admin controlled user recovery

Admin controlled recovery is not enabled for your tenant by default. Navigate to Security settings to enable admin recovery for your organization.

While idemeum offers seamless and secure self-service user recovery, we realize that there might be situations when users loose or do not store recovery codes. For this purpose we offer a functionality where users can request new device recovery without secure QR-code and wait until admins of the organization approve it.

Here is the high level overview of the process.

Admin recovery process

How to enable admin controlled recovery

Navigate to your idemeum admin portal and choose Security settings -> Device recovery. You can now toggle the switch to enable device recovery for your tenant.

Admin recovery enable

User experience

  • User loses a mobile device with idemeum installed. A new instance of the mobile app is installed and the user chooses Recover identity from the welcome screen.
  • On the next screen user chooses the option to recover without secure QR-code.
  • User will then enable biometrics and verify email address and phone number.
  • Once the process is complete user will navigate to a company portal and attempt a login. At this time admin team will be notified of the recovery request.
  • Any admin of the organization can approve the recovery request by navigating to user management section of the admin portal.
  • Once admin team approves the device recovery request, the user will be able to log in and recover access to all applications and resources.

Admin controlled recovery demo

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