Application catalog overview


Application catalog is the place where you can set up idemeum integrations with various company resources. Navigate to Applicaitons -> Catalog to start setting up you integrations with idemeum.

Application catalog

Here is what you can do here:

  • By searching for application in the search bar you can look for pre-configured SAML SaaS applications. We support quite a few of them and provide detailed integrations guides in our integration catalogopen in new window. Learn more about integrating SAML applications.
  • By click Add app button you can set up:
    • Custom SAML application that is not part of the integration catalog. We will offer generic SAML set up, so pretty much any application supporting SAML can be integrated with idemeum.
    • Remote servers to access with SSH.
    • Remote web application that is hosted on premises behind a firewall.

One application is configured and added it will be visible in the My applications section.

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