Cloud Radius overview


idemeum offers Cloud Hosted Radius service to help you protect your network and wireless infrastructure with passwordless access. Integrating with idemeum cloud Radius offers a new horizon of use cases - VPN control, MFA enforcement, VLAN segmentation, group based access control, no more shared passwords for WiFi and more.

You connect your infrastructure to a Cloud Radius server, and the communication is protected by complex shared secrets dedicated for your tenant. When your employees access VPN or WiFi they receive a familiar push notification to perform a passwordless multi-factor authentication. This way every connection is secure and offers seamless user experience for any resource that employees access in your organization.

🔗 Radius Passwordless MFA integration guide - Passwordless MFA for network infrastrcuture

What is supported?

  • Addresses: only IPv4 addresses are supported. You can configure multiple IP addresses or CIDR block from which connections to Radius server will be allowed.
  • Port supported: 1812
  • Supported protocols: EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, EAP-PEAP/MSCHAP2
  • Encryption mode: WPA2 Enterprise

Cloud Radius IP addresses

Below you can find idemeum Cloud Radius configuration details so you can set up your infrastructure.

IP addressDomain nameServer role
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