How to download

Here are direct links to idemeum app.

How to set up

Setting up idemeum is very simple - it will literally take you several minutes.

Let's go through the steps to set it up:

  1. Download idemeum app and launch it on your mobile device.
  2. The app will ask you to enable biometrics. This is the key step to generate crypto keys on your mobile device and register your public key with idemeum backend.
  3. As a next step you will need to add your identity information - your email address, your phone number, and optionally your ID document (i.e. driver's license). idemeum app will verify these pieces of information and will store them on a mobile device. No information will exist in our backend. The email and phone number will be verified using one-time-code and SMS. You just need to grab the codes and input them into the app.
  4. Government ID verification is optional and is not required during initial set up. You can always manually add your document to idemeum app by going to Profile -> ID document -> Click + sign to add ID document.
  5. To verify drivers license you will need to scan your drivers license in the idemeum app and then do a selfie for liveness detection and to make sure you own that document. The app will guide you through the steps.
  6. You are now all set with idemeum app.