Onboarding overview

Traditional MFA onboarding is not cutting it today - send credentials over email, ask the employee to reset password, install TOTP or push MFA app, perform separate enrollment for MFA, enable MFA for various resources and more.

idemeum solves the problem of onboarding and makes it simple and completely passwordless. It takes 3 simple steps for an employee to get going with access to everything they need.

1. Install idemeum app

Download idemeum application and install it on iOS or Android device.

2. Verify identity

Verify email address, phone number, or ID document right from the mobile app.

3. Scan QR-code on company application portal

Navigate to a company application portal (i.e. acme.idemeum.com), scan QR-code and immediately access everything that is needed.

You can read more about how employees need to verify identity from the mobile app. 

Employee instructions

We recommend admins sending a new hire a welcome email providing some details on how idemeum can be used to access all company resources. Here is an example of a welcome email.

Welcome to passwordless experience!

Acme is using idemeum, a new sign-in experience for you to simply and securely login into corporate resources without passwords.

STEP 1 - install idemeum app
Download and install the idemeum mobile app and follow the in-app setup instructons. Make sure you verify your phone number and personal email address.

App store link

STEP 2 - enroll into passwordless experience
Navigate to the following link. Once you see the QR code, open the idemeum mobile app, click login, and scan the QR code. Upon successful enrollment you will have access to all company resources.

Questions? Contact support team at support@company.com
For the enrollment link you will use the link of your idemeum cloud portal, assigned to your organization, for instance https://acme.idemeum.com

How to configure employee onboarding

In the admin portal you can choose what information you want your new hires to verify before they can access company resources. You can choose email, phone number, first name / last name, or any combination of them.

Let us know in the chat window at the bottom right if you have any questions.