Configure idemeum

  • Navigate to your idemeum portal and choose Applications section
  • Now you can choose the filter on the right to search for Radius based applications
  • Choose the application that you want to set up with Radius, i.e. Meraki AnyConnect VPN
If the application is missing for your specific infrastructure product, contact us, and we will add the application right away.
  • You will need to specify IP addresses of clients that will communicate with idemeum Radius server. You can specify specific IP address (i.e or a CIDR block (i.e. By clicking a plus icon you can add multiple IP addresses or blocks.
  • Generate secure secret that will be used for communication between clients and idemeum Radius server.
  • Click Save
  • If you are using an MFA license, Radius application will be automatically entitled to all users. However, if you are using Single Sign-On license you will need to manually entitle Radius application to users or user groups.

Configure your infrastructure

Setting up integration on your side will be dependent on the product you are using. We document all currently supported integrations on our integrations portal.

But typically you will need:

  • Shared secret that you generated when configuring Radius app in idemeum
  • Radius IP address so clients can reach it. You can see idemeum Radius IP addresses here.