idemeum integrates with HR system in order to:

  1. Onboard new employees without passwords
  2. Perform remote identity verification
  3. Do granular application entitlements

Below you can see the list of HR systems that idemeum supports.

HRMS integration - Integrations
Integration with HR systems for user onboarding and application entitlement.

HR system becomes the source of truth for employee data for idemeum. We do not intend to build yet another directory that company needs to maintain - we rely on something almost every company has - payroll / HR system.

How to configure integration

Integration with HR system is very simple. And it is leveraging one of the following methods, depending on what HRMS supports:

  1. API key integration - all you will need to do is to enter API key in order to connect idemeum to your HRMS.
  2. oAuth integration - you will need to authorize idemeum to access HRMS APIs.

To connect to your HR system navigate to Users -> HRMS integration. Then choose the HRMS that you want to connect to from dropdown list. Then you will need to either enter an API key or conduct oAuth authorization.

Let's take a look at some of the advanced settings:

  1. Off-boarding frequency - idemeum detects when employees are off-boarded in HRMS so that idemeum can block access and deprovision accounts. Some HRMS systems do not support Web hooks therefore we need to periodically check if there are a new off-boarded employees. With this configuration you can choose how often you want idemeum to check for off-boarded employees.
  2. Corporate email format - when employees onboard into organization they are using personal email address, phone number, or ID document. However, corporate email address is required in order for idemeum to log user into applications. As a first step idemeum looks for corporate email address in HRMS. If found that email will be used for all applications provisioned for the user. If the email is not found, idemeum will create one on the fly. With this setting you can choose what email format you will use for all employees. The default is

If you have any questions feel free to contact our team.