When you access company resources fro mobile devices and need to login with idemeum, you will be automatically sent to idemeum app to complete login with biometrics. We are leveraging universal links to enable this experience.

Unfortunately universal links do not always work on Android, especially when you access native applications. To solve this problem and still offer passwordless experience for Android native applications we built login with one-time code capability.

Login with One-time code is only applicable to logging into native applications on Android. When you need to access applications with mobile browser you will be automatically sent to idemeum app.

User experience

  • On Android access any company native application that you need to log into
  • You will type in your username, and a Web-view will open with your one-time login code. Memorize this code or copy it to clipboard.
Recover identity
  • Now you can manually go to idemeum app, launch it and click Login at the bottom menu
Recover identity
  • Click Login with OTP at the bottom of the screen. You will see a screen where you can now enter your one-time code.
Recover identity
  • Approve login with biometrics and you are good to go. Return to original application and you will be logged in.

Quick demo