When accessing company resources idemeum offers passwordless logins of several types. One of them is logging in with push notification.

Push notification login works on desktop browsers where you already logged in once with QR-code login. After QR-code login idemeum saves cookie in your browser so that next time when you login from the same browser a mobile notification will be sent to your mobile device.

Every login with idemeum is Multi-Factor, as several authentication factors are used: certificates (something you have) and biometrics (something you are).

To login with push notification you will need:

1. Access company application portal through a desktop browser where you already logged in before.

2. You will receive a push notification to your device.

3. Approve login with biometrics.

Here is how login page with push notification looks like.

If for some reason you did not receive a notification you can switch back to login with QR-code instead byc clicking on Use QR code instead link.

Quick demo