You can use idemeum Passwordless MFA with your existing identity infrastructure, for instance you can easily integrate idemeum with Okta, Google Workspace, Azure AD, or other Single Sign-On Identity Providers.

Here are the three steps you will need to do to roll our Passwordless MFA for your existing employees:

  1. Invite your employees to enroll into passwordless experience
  2. Integrate idemeum with your existing infrastructure
  3. Enable passwordless authentication across the org

Invite employees

As a first step you will need to send all existing employees an email inviting them to enroll in idemeum's passwordless experience. At this point employees are still accessing applications with username and password, but they can now set up passwordless MFA and get enrolled.

Example of enrollment email is shown below.

Welcome to passwordless experience!

Acme is using idemeum, a new sign-in experience for you to simply and securely login into corporate resources without passwords.

STEP 1 - install idemeum app
Download and install the idemeum mobile app and follow the in-app setup instructons. Make sure you verify your phone number and personal email address.

App store link

STEP 2 - enroll into passwordless experience
Navigate to the following link. Once you see the QR code, open the idemeum mobile app, click login, and scan the QR code. Upon successful enrollment you will be shown your corporate address.

Enrollment link

Questions? Contact support team at
For the enrollment link we offer a URL that employees can use to self-enroll. The link is created by adding /enroll to your company's idemeum tenant name. For instance

Integrate idemeum

As a second step you will need to integrate idemeum with your existing infrastructure. Check out our integrations portal to explore various integrations that we support today.

Typically you would connect idemeum to:

  • Your existing SAML SSO Identity Provider to allow users access SaaS apps with passwordless MFA
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Networking / Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • HR / Payroll system or any other source if you want completely automate passwordless onboarding

We have detailed integration guides posted in our integration portal. If you need an integration that we do not currently support, please reach out to

Enable passwordless experience

Once your employees are enrolled, and you have idemeum integrated with your infrastructure, you can turn off password-based login for your employees. That will depend on your specific integration:

  • For Okta you will enable routing rules to use idemeum for all SaaS applications access
  • For Azure you will need to enable 3rd party IDP federation using PowerShell
  • etc.

If you have any questions, let us know in the chat at the bottom right.