Install Idemeum Desktop Application

Windows installation

Install with UI

  • Navigate to idemeum User portal
  • Choose Accounts and then Add desktop app
  • Chose Windows and click Download

Download desktop app

  • Run downloaded installer on your Windows machine
  • Approve any requests to install dependencies and libraries
  • Proceed with installation wizard, choose installation directory, and approve installation

Installation wizard

  • Once installation is complete, click Finish to start pairing your idemeum mobile application with this Windows machine.

Finish installation

  • Once desktop client is installed and launched, you can start pairing your mobile device with Windows workstation.
  • As a first step you will need to enter the URL of your idemeum company portal

  • Now you can choose how you would like to access this workstation. You can login with mobile app by scanning a QR-code, or you can access this workstation with an RFID badge tap. You can learn more about RFID Single Sign-On.

  • Now you can pair mobile application with this workstation. Take your idemeum mobile application, click Login at the bottom menu, scan the QR-code and approve pairing.

Enter your password

If you are installing idemeum desktop client on a non domain-joined workstation, you will need to enter your username and password. idemeum desktop client will not send your credentials to idemeum cloud. It will use them locally to create a virtual smart card.

if you are installing idemeum desktop client on a domain-joined workstation. you will not need to enter your password and can proceed to pairing right away.

  • Once you approve pairing, and if everything is successful the application will be paired with your mobile device, and you will receive a confirmation screen.

  • Once the desktop application is paired the new application with your computer name will be added to your application catalog on desktop as well as mobile.

  • You can now start accessing your workstation with passwordless MFA.