How to Login with Passwordless MFA

Online login with QR-code

You can login by scanning idemeum QR-code when both a workstation and mobile device are online.

  • Access your computer, and you will be presented with a QR code

Online login

  • Scan the QR-code with idemeum mobile application
  • Approve login with biometrics

Offline login with one-time code (OTP)

When your computer is offline and not connect to Internet, we provide a convenient way to login with secure one-time code.

  • Access your computer, and since you are offline you will be presented with username and one-time code screen

Online login

  • Open idemeum mobile application and in the list of applications find the computer that you want to log into
  • Click on ... and you will be presented with one-time code that you can use to login into your workstaion
  • Enter your username and one-time code into a login screen to access your computer