What is it?

idemeum mobile app is your secure digital identity. It is the safe place to verify and store your personal details (i.e. phone number, email address, and government ID), so that only you can access them and share with the parties you choose to.

Once you install idemeum app and create your identity, your data is encrypted and safely stored on the mobile device only. And most importantly encryption keys are protected by biometrics, so that only you can access your identity details.

With idemeum your identity becomes:

  1. 100% private - all information you upload or input into the app will stay in the app. We will not store any of your personal information in our backend.
  2. Passwordless - you can use your idemeum app to access corporate and personal resources. No more creating and typing passwords - scan the QR code, approve the login with your biometric and you are in.
  3. Portable - you are you. You do not need to change your identity every time you sign up for a new service or get a new job. idemeum unlocks the possibility to reuse your identity across online services.

Where can I use it?

Having decentralized identity that you own unlocks a myriad of use cases.

Today you can use idemeum in your Workplace. When you get a new job, all you have to do is to set up idemeum, self onboard yourself into organization, and then seamlessly access corporate resources without using any passwords.

In future we are planning to expand idemeum use cases so that you can open office buildings with idemeum, access your personal online services, share your identity online, and many more.