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Login flows comparison table

In previous sections we reviewed one-click, biometric, and idemeum app login flows in detail. Let's take a look at the comparison table that will help you choose what login flow is best suited for your user experience and technical requirements.

Login flows comparison

Category definition

  • User installs software - whether your users will need to install additional software.
  • Where is identity? - location where identity claims are stored. Digital identity can either reside in Privacy Aware Dedicated Cloud managed by idemeum, or it can reside on a mobile device. In both cases we enable user privacy with digital identity. Learn more.
  • Biometric support - whether login flow supports biometrics authentication or not.
  • What claims are verified - what claims can be verified for user registration.
  • Passwordless - are passwords used or not? 🤣
  • Portable - how portable the authentication is. idemeum is an Identity Provider and enables Single Sign-On (SSO) across apps. Mobile app takes it to the next level and can offer portability across corporate and personal apps as well.
  • Privacy - how user privacy is enabled. Learn more.
  • Verification frequency - how often users will need to go through registration flow, meaning to verify their email address again. Typically happens with new device, new browser, or when idemeum session expires.
  • Auth experience - how the users are actually authenticated.
  • User representation - how user digital identity is represented.

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