Password auto capture


When you access applications that you do not have accounts for, idemeum can automatically save your login information, so that next time you do not have to type credentials again.

Today auto capture works only on desktop browsers with idemeum extension installed.

Desktop browser auto capture

  • Navigate to any web application in your browser and access login page
  • If there are existing account, you can view them by clicking on idemeum icon in the username or password field

Existing credentials

  • If there are no accounts available, idemeum will display No accounts available for this application

No credentials

  • Once you start typing the new username, idemeum will display a button to save credentials in your password vault

Save credentials

  • Once you click save, idemeum will display a menu to save your credentials

Save credentials

  • If you are saving a new account and no email address is associated with this application, idemeum will create a new record for this application in a password vault.
  • If you already have an account with the same email, but want to provide a new password, idemeum will update existing account with a new password.
  • Type an Application name
  • Make sure Username and Password are correct
  • Save application in idemeum
  • You can now autofill credentials for the application
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