Password Vault overview


What is Password Vault?

Password vault is a secure place to store your passwords, share them with other employees, and safely fill credentials to cloud or on-premises web applications.

idemeum Password Vault is hosted in the cloud, but it is protected by zero-knowledge encryption. What that means is that we do not see your passwords. And if our cloud gets compromised, your passwords will never be exposed to attackers.

About zero-knowledge encryption

When you install idemeum mobile application, a set ot crypto keys is created and persisted in your mobile device's hardware backed storage. Then these keys are used to encrypt your credentials in the cloud. All key management and encryption happens on your device or browser, therefore we do not see your private encryption keys of passwords.

You can learn more about crypto in our security section.

Accessing Password Vault

There are several ways to access your passwords in idemeum Password Vault.

Browser portal

Navigate to your idemeum portal at and you will have access to all company resources including password applications.

Browser access

Browser extension

In order to auto-fill credentials to cloud and on-premises applications, you will need to install idemeum browser extension. Extension allows you to access any company resource as well, including password applications.

Extension access

Mobile application

Mobile application offers access to password vault as well.

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