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Privileged Access Management


Eliminate admin credentials, MFA codes and mobile pushes - access any customer workstation with biometrics.

What is Passwordless Elevated Access?

With Passwordless Elevated Access MSPs can eliminate admin credentials and access any customer workstation with unpshishable passwordless MFA. Simply scan a QR-code at any workstation, and approve with biometrics. Passwordless Elevated Access supports physical logins into workstations, as well as elevation in remote RMM sessions.

  1. Eliminate credential-based breaches - 85% of breaches start with stolen credentials, passwords, and phishable MFA. idemeum eliminates admin credentials and replaces them with biometrics.
  2. Streamline MSP operations - no more searching for credentials in password tools, copying them, sharing with other technicians, pasting MFA codes, with low oversight and auditing. Scan the QR-code with mobile device and approve with biometrics.
  3. Meet compliance and regulation - secure access to workstations with strong biometric-based MFA, do not expose admin credentials to techs, and hourly rotate credentials for enhanced security.