Recovery FAQ

What happens if I lose my device?

We provide seamless recovery options for users. One option is to initiate self-service recovery using personal QR-code, and the other option is to recover with admin approval.

What will be recovered for the user?

We strive to minimize any disruption in the workplace, therefore we will recover everything for the user - passwords, accounts, logins, access to applications, etc.

What is self-service user recovery?

With this option users can self-recover access to company resources without disruption and any admin involvement required.

Upon setting up idemeum app for the first time, users are asked to store a recovery QR-code. This code is the key to recovery process as it is utilized in crypto operations to restore user personal information. When recovery is needed (device is lost or stolen) users can leverage recovery QR-code to gain access to all company resources again.

What is admin controlled recovery?

While idemeum offers seamless and secure self-service user recovery, we realize that there might be situations when users loose or do not store recovery codes. For this purpose we offer a functionality where users can request new device recovery without secure QR-code and wait until admins of the organization approve it.

Why do I need to enable admin controlled recovery?

idemeum is built on strong principles of client side encryption, meaning we believe no-one needs to have access to your passwords but you. Admin controlled recovery will mean that your passwords will be encrypted by the key that belongs to admin of the organization. Therefore, we want organization to make a conscious choice to enable this functionality.

What happens when admin controlled recovery is not enabled and user does not have the recovery QR-code?

In this case users can still initiate admin controlled recovery. Admins will still be notified of the approval request, but when approved everything but password applications will be recovered. Enabling admin controlled recovery options ensures that all types of resources are recovered for the employee when recovery QR-code is lost.

Can idemeum team recover my passwords?

No we can not. We designed idemeum to be secure and client side encrypted. We do not have access to your passwords and data. If users lose QR-code and admin controlled recovery is not enabled, there is nothing we can do to recover your passwords.

What happens to a previous device when I recover?

Previous device will be disabled and all sessions terminated. When you recover only your new device will be allowed to access company applications.

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