Install idemeum agent


idemeum agent creates an outbound tunnel from your private network back to idemeum Proxy Service, so that your employees can connect to internal resources from anywhere without VPN.

Supported installation options

Amazon Linux 2amd64
CentOS 7amd64
CentOS 8amd64
CentOS Stream 9amd64
Fedora 36amd64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9amd64
Ubuntu 20.04amd64
Ubuntu 22.04amd64
openSUSE Leap 15.4amd64

Where to install idemeum agent

The machine where the idemeum agent is installed needs to have Internet access to communicate with idemeum cloud.

Remote web applicationInstall on any machine in your network as long as it can reach web application over HTTTP protocol
SSH serverInstall on the same server that you want to access over SSH
Remote desktop serverInstall on a linux machine that can talk to idemeum cloud and your LDAP server

Install idemeum agent

Automated script installation

  • When you configured and saved remote web application or remote server, the Install agent tab becomes active so that you can copy the installation command.

Agent script

  • Run this command on your server and the agent will be automatically installed, configured, and registered with idemeum.

Install agent output

Manual tar install

  • When you configured and saved remote web application or remote server, the Install agent tab becomes active so that you can download both agent and configuration file.

Download agent

  • You can choose which version of the agent to download depending on the operating system and processor architecture of the node where this agent will be installed. You can either click the link from the Download link column or copy the link by doing a right click and selecting Copy Link Address option.

Agent link

About configuration file

Configuration file is application and server specific and can only be used with application that you created it for in idemeum. Each configuration file has necessary parameters for an agent to access your remote resource and correctly register with your idemeum tenant.

  • To install tarball on Linux we will execute the following commands:
# Pull agent from idemeum using wget
# You can use scp if you downloaded file directly
# Extract the contents of tarball
tar -xvf idemeum-remote-access-v1.0.0-linux-amd64-bin.tar.gz
# Navigate to idemeum directory
cd idemeum
# Copy contents of YAML file to clipboard and paste to a new yaml file on target machine.
# You can open editor using editor like vim
vi myagent.yaml
# Install agent using following command
sudo bash agent-setup myagent myagent.yaml
  • Output will look like this..
root@mylinuxmachine:~/idemeum# sudo bash agent-setup myagent myagent.yaml
agent-setup: line 1: !/bin/bash: No such file or directory
[Usage] bash agent-setup <agent-name> <path-to-yaml-config>

*****************  Installing Agent *******************
Agent name : myagent

[sudo] Writing agent service : /etc/systemd/system/myagent.service
[sudo] Copying agent config : saanesh.yaml -> /etc/myagent.yaml
[info] Using   data_dir: "/var/lib/idemeum-c449c0ed-4652-4388-bd1d-a912d9237a10"

[sudo] Reloading systemctl daemons.

[sudo] Enabling service : myagent
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /etc/systemd/system/myagent.service.

[sudo] Starting agent .....

[sudo] checking agent status agent .....
● myagent.service - Idemeum remote access agent service : myagent
     Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/myagent.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Sat 2022-09-24 02:59:15 UTC; 39ms ago
   Main PID: 51619 (idemeum)
      Tasks: 6 (limit: 1146)
     Memory: 5.7M
        CPU: 16ms
     CGroup: /system.slice/myagent.service
             └─51619 /usr/local/bin/idemeum start --pid-file=/run/ --config=/etc/myagent.yaml

Sep 24 02:59:15 ip-10-2-48-180 systemd[1]: Started Idemeum remote access agent service : myagent.

***********************  Agent commands ***************
sudo systemctl start|stop|status|restart myagent

***********************  Agent logs *******************
sudo journalctl -fu myagent
  • You now have idemeum agent installed and configured.
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