idemeum is a multi-tenant environment, meaning our Passwordless Application Management platform is offered as a SaaS supporting multiple customers. You can easily create idemeum tenant for your organization by simply following our self-service onboarding.

Click on the button below to create idemeum and start your free trial.

You will go through the following 3 steps to set up idemeum tenant for your organization.

Download idemeum application

As a first step you will need to download idemeum app.

Follow instructions on the screen. You can either download application by scanning a QR code on the screen with your camera app, or by going directly to an app store and searching for idemeum.

Set up idemeum application

As a second step you will need to set up idemeum mobile app. It is simple - enable biometrics and verify your email address and phone number.

The key point is to use your business email address when setting up idemeum. If you use your personal email address you will not be able to complete tenant registration.

idemeum will use your corporate email address to generate a tenant name in the form of [your_domain]

If you already set up idemeum with your personal email address, you can add additional email address in the Profile section. Then you will be able to choose what email you want to use for each login.

Login to provision tenant

Finally you will need to login with idemeum so that your tenant can be provisioned. Once done, you will be informed of your tenant name.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.