Share passwords


idemeum offers a convenient and secure way to share passwords with other employees. Instead of sending passwords over email / slack, or simply putting them into work documents, idemeum offers one-click password sharing functionality.

Today sharing functionality is available in the desktop portal only.

Share password app using desktop portal

  • Login to idemeum application portal by navigating to your company URL, for example
  • Navigate to Accounts tab
  • Search for an application you want to share with other employees
  • Click on ... in the Actions section and choose Share application

Share password app

  • Search for the email address of a person that you want to share the application with

Search for employees

  • Choose the role to assign to an employee

Roles overview

Here is what each role can do with a shared application.


Choose role

  • Once role is assigned, click Save
  • The application will immediately show up in the target user's mobile and desktop catalogs
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