Unified passwordless platform to manage IT

We are building the future of workplace technology – simple and secure platform powered by modern passwordless technology. Our vision is to offer businesses a single place to manage IT - from passwords, logins, applications and everything in between. We strive to offer unparalleled security and simplicity blended with delightful user experience.

Today we help businesses manage passwords, logins, and applications. Instead of deploying one tool for Single Sign-On, another for password management, and another for passwordless access, we offer one compound product for all of your application management use cases. Our vision goes beyond just identity use cases, and we plan to add many more blocks, including device security, zero-trust remote access, and more.

Here is what we offer today.

Manage passwords

idemeum helps organizations to secure employees at scale with simple and secure Passwordless Password Manager.

We became tired of forgetting and constantly typing a master password... Therefore we built a password manager that does not need one. Everything is powered by biometrics. idemeum offers desktop, mobile, and browser extension password management capabilities. No matter where you access from - you always login with biometrics.

Here are some of the many features we offer:

  • Zero knowledge security - passwords are encrypted end to end and are never visible in our cloud
  • One-click login - sign in to applications with a single click using credentials auto-fill and auto-capture
  • Sharing made simple - simply and securely share passwords with your colleagues
  • Biometrics security - access passwords with biometrics, no master password required
  • Access anywhere - iOS, Android, browsers extensions - access your passwords from any device

Manage logins

idemeum Passwordless MFA allows organization to implement strong authentication for employees to access any company resource - applications, VPN, WiFi, infrastructure and more.

The way things work today is that admins have to create credentials for new hires and then distribute these credentials to employees somehow. Typically it is done over email, which is very insecure, or companies use password managers, which introduces friction and need to use yet another tool. Things get more complicated when admins later ask to enroll into MFA for secure multi-factor access.

We made it possible to use idemeum mobile app as a Passwordless MFA to access any corporate resource. Accessing becomes as simple as scanning a QR code and approving login with biometrics.

Here are some of the many features we offer:

  • Access to anything - idemeum MFA integrates with any company resource: SSO apps, VPN, WiFi, infrastructure, and more
  • Strong security - every login is protected with crypto certificates and employee biometrics
  • Simple - self-service enrollment takes 2 minutes to complete
  • True passwordless - from onboarding to recovery idemeum MFA is not using any passwords
  • Identity verification - verify email, phone, or ID document right from the mobile app

Manage applications

idemeum also offers Passwordless Single Sign-On that is enterprise class while very easy to set up.

We also saw how hard it is for companies to manage separate tools / vendors for password management, SSO, and MFA. As a result we built a fully featured SAML Single Sign-On into our platform. As a result business can manage all types of apps from a single place and automatically create/remove accounts for employees when they join or leave.

Here are some of the many features we offer:

  • Centralized catalog - give employees centralized access to all applications that are one click away
  • Automated provisioning - automatically create accounts when employees join and remove when they leave
  • Cloud directory - manage your employee access from central location
  • Simple integrations - we maintain hundreds of truly preconfigured integrations with just about anything - HR systems, SAML applications and more

Let us know if you have any questions to simply click the button below to try it yourself.