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October 23, 2023

Nik Pot

New features

  • Support to configure autolaunch app on startup. Now when you login into desktop with RFID badge, idemeum client can automatically launch desired application.
  • Add built-in groups for customer MSP tenants


  • Entitlement evaluation service fixes for desktop
  • Part2 suppress CVE for tomcat-embed-core lib
  • Publish entitlement request message on desktop changes
  • Implement onUserChange onUserDelete and onDesktopChange for
  • Fixed tenant user item concurrent update issue
  • Represent customer as web app in user entitlements
  • upgrade jackson-databind to 2.15.3
  • fixed org.json vulnerability
  • upgrade tomcat to 9.0.82 to fix CVE-2023-42794
  • Bug: TenantNameId cache isn't getting cleared on Tenant deletion
  • Fixed NPE when signing in to expired tenant
  • MSP user status change in customer tenant should trigger entitlement evaluation
  • Add All Admin group during Desktop app creation wrt knob settings
  • Handle the case where the signin has expired
  • Validate the inputs for the user auto-enroll REST API and throw proper error
    IDEM-3322: Entitlements response to return shared account configured state