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September 13, 2023

Nik Pot

New features

  • Added a devops API to trigger entitlement calculation on demand
  • Tenant master key share with users API
  • Add MSP elevated access enabled state to settings response
  • Clear encrypted dek of master key for admin controlled recovery
  • Clear encrypted dek of master key during recovery complete
  • Remove server side encryption and have a domain model support
  • Rest api to get encrypted master keys
  • Added rest api to add tenant master key
  • Added the autofill attributes to the admin managed apps entitlements
  • Added the autofill attributes for admin managed apps
  • Add support for All admins built-in group


  • Prevent the deletion of the built in group
  • Return local admin account credentials as part of Lookup
  • Update role assigner api to save encrypted DEK of master key
  • Remove radius references from app management yaml file