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February 12, 2024

Nik Pot

Idemeum cloud

  • IDEM-3658: Add tenant alias for idemeum tenants
  • IDEM-2108: Add force login for authorizing idemeum app
  • IDEM-3652: Add tags and alarm for OIDC user cleanup queue
  • IDEM-3649: Add admin user details as part of OIDC configuration
  • IDEM-3645: Fixes related to updating technician local user
  • IDEM-3648: Azure credentials restrict to managed domains only

 Admin and user portals

  • IDEM-3646: Settings: Provide information dialog when sensitive data being updated related to desktop settings
  • IDEM-3647: Portals: Remove last good hash folder
  • IDEM-3650: Do not allow to update domain name if managed app already configured
  • IDEM-3650: Update message when request access for managed app
  • IDEM-3647: Portals: Remove last good hash folder