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Let's begin your passwordless journey

idemeum is a passwordless and private identity platform.

Basically, it is a drop in SDK to make your mobile and web apps passwordless. One SDK, couple hours of your time, and you can delight your users with seamless and simple login experience.

How is idemeum different?


We are passionate about passwordless. That is why we built an all-in-one SDK to eliminate passwords. You choose how you wan to log your users in - with one-click, biometric, or QR-code.


Your users' data is none of our business. With client side encryption and privacy from ground up we enable your users to own and control their digital identity. We do not want to be yet another 3rd party sucking in your data.

User centric

We designed idemeum to remove login friction. With features Single Sign-on across domains we want your users to not even notice that they are in fact signing up and logging in. Seeing is believing, try our live demo.

Get started with idemeum using our quick links or navigating the menu.