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Desktop client

Update dekstop client


There are several ways you can update idemeum desktop client:

  1. Manual update
  2. Notification update
  3. Silent update

Manual update

Each client can be updated manually to the latest desktop client version. Open idemeum desktop client and click Update to latest version.

idemeum client with check idemeum cloud if new version is available and will update client binaries and configuration files automatically.

Notification update

When you install idemeum desktop client manually, the client will periodically check cloud if the new version is available. When the new version is available, and you login into workstation, you will see a pop up windows asking you to update to a new version.

Notification update is only available when you install client manually. When you use idemeum silent installation, all notifications will be disabled, and you will be expected to control update process yourself.

Silent update

When you leverage silent enterprise installation (PDQ Deploy, SCCM, etc.), you will have two options for silent installation - base version install and upgrade version install. You can follow integration guide for your installation type to see how you can update all workstations silently - Silent enterprise installation.