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Multi-tenant MSP portal

Bulk tenant creation

Create multiple tenants by uploading the CSV file with tenant data.

Uploading CSV file

You will need a CSV file with the following data:

  • Subdomain - the value provides the subdomain to use for your customer tenant. For example, if your tenant is and the subdomain you chose is red, then the customer tenant that will be created is
  • Display name - the friendly display name for the tenant.

In order to create tenants by uploading a CSV file:

  • Access your MSP tenant admin portal
  • Navigate to CustomersAdd customerImport CSV
  • Now you can upload the CSV file to parse and click Next
  • You will be shown a sample data record from the CSV file. You will need to map the values that will be used for subdomain and for display name using the dropdown fields on the right.
  • Once you click next, idemeum will process the creation request, and it will create the tenants. Once completed, you will be presented with information for how many tenants were created and what errors were present if any.

Download installer CSV

You can download the CSV file with all desktop installer commands for each of your customer tenants.

  • Navigate to your MSP tenant admin dashboard
  • Click CustomersAdd customerDownload desktop installer CSV
  • The browser will download a CSV file with all PowerShell installer commands for each of your customer tenants.