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Endpoint privilege management

Elevation events

Elevation events are captured for all privileged actions performed by standard users on endpoints. For example, on Windows workstations elevation events are captured by collecting User Access Control (UAC) events.


  • Elevation events are captured only in audit or rules modes
  • Elevation events are captured only for standard users
  • Idemeum cloud retains 120 days of elevation events per tenant
  • There are no duplicates in elevation events. If the elevation event gets generated for the same application, user, and workstation, the time stamp gets updated and elevation events gets to the top of the list.
  • User Access Control (UAC) needs to be enabled on Windows in order to capture elevation events.

Elevation event attributes

The following attributes are captured for an elevation event:

Attribute Description Example
Date Date and time of an event 5/7/24 12:39:27 PM
Device Device name where event was generated W10-D-SURFACE
User User that generated the event alex
Name Name of the application Task Manager
File name File name of the executable that was launched taskmgr.exe
Description Description of the executable Task Manager
File path File location of the executable c:\windows\system32\taskmgr.exe
File version Version of the executable 10.0.22621.3085
SHA256 hash SHA hash of the executable 305648070AB0BE39039...
Verified publisher Check if the publisher of executable is verified Yes
Publisher name Name of the executable publisher Microsoft Corporation
Certificate thumbprint Publisher certificate hash D8FB0CC66A0...
Certificate attributes Publisher certificate attributes CN=Microsoft Windows,O=Microsoft Corporation...

How to access elevation events

  • Navigate to your customer tenant admin portal
  • Access ElevationEvents

There are various filters that you can use to navigate through events, including time window, publisher, username, desktop name, and others. Simply click the dropdown, choose the values you are looking for, and apply filter by clicking the blue filter button.