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RFID Single Sign-On

Shared account configuration

You can assign a shared domain account to a workstation, and everyone who will access this workstation with RFID badge will be signed in with that shared account.


For example, let's say there is a Windows workstation where everyone needs to log into with a shared account service-account. idemeum allows assigning this service-account to a workstation, and then controlling who has access to this workstation with user groups. Anyone who has access and scans the RFID badge will be logged into a machine with a service-account.

Shared account configuration

Once you successfully install idemeum desktop client, the workstation will be shown in your idemeum portal.

  • Click on ... menu and choose Configure shared account
  • Now you can enter shared account logon name, and also specify groups users of which can access this workstation with a shared account. Make sure when you enter multiple group names you hit Enter or Tab for every group.
  • Click Save

From now on any user that belongs to the specified groups will be able to log into workstation with shared account by simply tapping RFID badge.

Mobile configuration

You can perform the same shared account assignment from your mobile device

  • Open idemeum mobile application and search for the workstation that you want to configure with shared account
  • Click on ... to access workstation details
  • Click on Edit button at the top right of the screen
  • You can now enter your service account logon name as well as comma-separated groups to enforce access control