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User onboarding

Users can onboard into idemeum with a mobile device or an existing RFID badge. You can leverage manual onboarding, or put it on auto-pilot with password-based onboarding.

Onboarding with RFID badge

Manual onboarding

You can configure manual onboarding with RFID badge. You can create a user in idemeum local directory and associate a badge id with that user record. When employee taps the badge to access the workstation, badge number is verified and employee is onboarded.

  • Navigate to your idemeum admin portal and access Users -> User management
  • Create a user record specifying corporate email address and badge id in the decimal format
For manual onboarding you have to make sure that you configured your RFID readers to format the badge ID appropriately. Learn more here

Now when the user taps the badge, idemeum desktop client will perform a look up in the cloud, and if the badge id matches, user will be allowed to login into workstation and applications.

Password-based onboarding

With this onboarding type you do not need to create any user records, as RFID onboarding is done with user credentials. Employee taps the badge, idemeum authenticates the employee with the domain password, and upon success user is onboarded and badge ID is associated with the user record.

  • Navigate to your idemeum admin portal
  • Access Settings -> Desktop login
  • Enabled Password-based onboarding

Onboarding with mobile device

Self-service mobile onboarding

User is not using any links or passwords to onboard. All that is needed is to install idemeum mobile application, verify phone number or email address in the application and scan the login QR-code to access company resources.

  • Navigate to idemeum admin portal Users -> User Management
  • Create a record for your new user, specify corporate email address as well as personal email address
  • User will receive an invitation to his personal email addresses to onboard into idemeum
  • User installs idemeum mobile application and verifies his personal email address
  • User navigates to a company portal and scans the login QR-code with idemeum application
  • User now has access to all company resources
What you want employees to verify in the mobile application is configurable. You can choose email address or phone number. Navigate to Admin portal -> Settings -> Onboarding settings and choose what you want employees to verify in the mobile application to onboard. Learn more