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How to disable Windows auto login (ASRO)

In this post we will see how to disable Windows Winlogon Automatic Restart Sign-On (ASRO) feature

What is Windows ASRO?

It is a group policy that automatically logs in last user that was logged in at restart/shutdown time and immediately locks the workstation. This way your GUI (i.e. non-service) startup apps run as if you have logged in manually, but do this behind the scenes while the OS never goes past login screen itself and is left prompting for a password.

How to disable ASRO?

It is set up by two policies

  1. Sign in and lock last interactive user automatically after restart
  2. Configure the mode of automatically signing in and locking last interactive user after a restart or cold boot

Both can be disabled in Group Policy Editor under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Logon Options.