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RFID Single Sign-On

Supported features

idemeum RFID SSO is a very flexible platform, and we can configure custom flows based on your requirements. Below you can find the overview of major features that we offer with RFID SSO.

Tap in Employees can sign in to workstation with a badge tap.
Tap out Employees can sign out of the workstation with a badge tap. Tap out can be disabled if necessary.
Tap out with lock When employees tap out, they are not signed out of the operating system. Instead the computer is locked, and when the user taps in next time, the session is restored.
Tap over When User A is signed in to a workstation and User B scans the badge, User A will be signed out, and User B will be signed in.
Fast lock / unlock Lock the screen manually (do not sign out), and tap the badge to unlock computer.
Tap over from lock screen When User A locks the screen manually, and User B scans the card, then User A is signed out, and User B is signed in.
Windows user switching User A is logged in and locks the screen. User B chooses the option to switch user from the logon screen. User B taps the badge and gets signed in. If later on User A taps her card, she will be signed in, and the state of the desktop will be restored.
Connectivity detection When there is no network connection, and the user scans a badge, application will inform the user that login is not possible until network connection is restored. Users will always have an option to sign-in with username and password, so that login is not disrupted.
Shared account login You can assign a service account to certain workstations, so that when users tap their badges they are logged in with a shared account instead of a personal account.
Automatic USB configuration When idemeum desktop client is installed, it will automatically adjust the USB power settings so that the readers do not get unresponsive with Windows disabling them (selective suspend, power management, etc.).
Silent installation Push idemeum desktop client automatically to a fleet of Windows workstations. idemeum supports various methods such as PDQ Deploy, etc.
Branding Ability to customize the appearance of the desktop login screen with your background, logo, icon, and text.