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Cloud LAPS


Securely store your emergency computer accounts in zero-knowledge cloud LAPS, automatically rotate passwords on each local or domain-joined workstation, and control who has access to LAPS credentials.

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Follow product guides that we created to test idemeum platform use cases.

LAPS overview

Idemeum cloud LAPS offers zero-knowledge cloud vault to securely store your local and domain admin accounts. It will also secure these admin accounts with automatic password rotation that is performed every 24 hours.

With idemeum Elevated Computer Access you can log into each customer workstation with your mobile phone and biometrics. Individual local / domain admin account will be automatically created and enabled on the fly. However, there are situations when you still need to access customer workstations with username and password. For this purpose, idemeum allows you to secure your break glass accounts and only give access to certain people as part of your MSP.