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Just-in-time admin accounts

Browser extension for JIT access

Idemeum browser extension can be used to request an Entra ID account, view credentials, or auto-fill credentials when accessing Entra ID tenant.

Request Entra ID account

When account is disabled, the icon that is shown in the portal and extension is greyed out. You can click on ... and then request an account to be initially provisioned or re-enabled by clicking on Request access.

View Entra ID credentials

When account is active you can use browser extension to view credentials. Click on ... and then choose View credentials.

Autofill credentials

Idemeum browser extension also facilitates credential auto-fill, so that technicians do not have to manually copy paste credentials. All you need to do it to launch Entra ID application either from the portal or the extension itself. When the application launches, the credentials will be automatically filled.