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RFID Single Sign-On


idemeum desktop application creates detailed logs that allow to troubleshoot any issues and misconfigurations.

Desktop configuration file

When idemeum desktop client is installed, desktop configuration file is created that includes all settings that get pulled from the cloud (client ID and secret, configuration mode, branding, shared account settings, and more).

The configuration file is IDMsecurity.ini, and it is located in the following directory:



idemeum desktop application also collects various logs as part of normal operation, including installation logs and authentication logs. idemeum will keep logs for 3 days on a rolling window, and each file is named in the following format - IDMCP_month_day_year. At any given point in time you can access logs for the last three days.

Logs are located in the following directory:

# logs location directory
C:\Program Files\Idemeum Inc\Idemeum Desktop Client\logs

# You will have instalaltion logs there as well as daily logs for user authentication

If you need support from idemeum team, please share the aforementioned logs with