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How to create idemeum cloud tenant

Create idemeum cloud tenant for your organization so that you can test various idemeum services.

Demo video

If you are an MSP, make sure you create an MSP tenant, so that all MSP features (multi-tenant portal, passwordless elevated access, and others are automatically configured for you).

Step-by-step instructions

  • Download idemeum mobile application from App Store or Play Store
  • Set up idemeum application and verify your business email address. We will use your business domain name to create a cloud portal for you in the form <your-domain>
  • Navigate to, click Create MSP tenant if you are an MSP, or click Create tenant if you are trying to set up RFID SSO
  • Open your idemeum mobile application, click Login at the bottom menu, and scan idemeum QR-code with your idemeum application
  • Your personal idemeum tenant is created and you can access it at https://<your-domain> with your mobile device

If you have any questions, drop us a note at