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Cloud directory


Cross-platform cloud directory to authenticate your users to workstations, applications, and infrastructure with a single unified identity.


With idemeum Cloud Directory and associated services (Passwordless MFA, Cloud RADIUS, and more) you can create unified identity for your users in a cost-effective manner that doesn’t sacrifice security or functionality.

  • Unified user identity - with one identity and one set of credentials users can access Windows and macOS workstations, applications, and infrastructure.
  • Automated local account management - idemeum will automatically create local users accounts on Windows or macOS workstations or will take over existing ones.
  • Directory sync - manage user identities with idemeum cloud directory or sync with external sources, such as Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, or HR systems.
  • Passwordless with a single click - upgrade user authentication to Passwordless MFA with a single click, to replace passwords with mobile biometrics
  • Breadth of services - Cloud Directory that is natively integrated with Cloud Radius, Single Sign-On, Privileged Access Management for MSP technician, Password Manager, and other services. Unify your IT environment and eliminate inefficiencies.

Start here

We have written some helpful guides for how to help you get set up with idemeum.