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Elevated Access to Computers

Technician login methods

Technicians can access customer workstations by scanning a QR-code, triggering a push notification, or using an offline one-time code.

Technicians login

QR-code scanning

One of the ways to access a customer workstation is to simply scan the QR-code on the login screen and approve with biometrics.

  • Access the login screen of the workstation that you want to access
  • Open your idemeum mobile application, click Login at the bottom menu, scan the QR-code, and approve login with biometrics

Below are some examples of the desktop login screens with various authentication set ups:

  • The login screen below is when users authenticate with default Windows credential provider, while idemeum credential provider is only used for technician login. Just click on the secondary credential provider, and you will be able to scan idemeum QR-code.
  • The login screen below is when users login to workstation with idemeum cloud directory credentials. For technicians to login with QR-code, they need to click on the link Passwordless Elevated Access.
  • The login screen below is when both users and technicians use QR-code to login.

Push notification

Push notification is an optional feature, and it can be enabled in the admin portal for a customer tenant. To enable the feature:

  • Navigate to the admin portal of your customer tenant
  • Access SettingsDesktop login
  • Toggle the setting for Enable push notification

Once enabled, everywhere you see the QR-code on the desktop UI, you will have an additional option to send a push notification to a mobile device.

Once you click on Send notification link, you will need to type technician email address associated with a mobile device, and you will receive a push notification to approve login.

Offline one-time code

Offline code allows you to access customer workstations that are not connected to the Internet. We have a dedicated post that explains how offline access works.

Offline access to computers
When computers are offline, technicians can use one-time codes to login or elevate.

Technicians elevation

Technicians can also elevate in the standard user session so that a privileged action can be carried out. The same elevation methods are available - QR-code, push notification or offline.

  • Standard user is logged into the workstation
  • User launches an application that requires elevation
  • Windows UAC is shown to prompt for authentication
  • Technician chooses the idemeum credential provider
  • Then technician can click Passwordless Elevated Access
  • And now the same methods (QR-code, push, or offline mode are available)
You can click the link to enlarge QR-code so that it is easier to scan with the mobile device.