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Quick-start - RFID SSO for domain Windows workstations

In this guide we will set up RFID Single Sign-On for domain-joined windows workstations. Users can tap the badge, automatically enroll with domain credentials, and then access any workstation with a simple badge tap.

Sign up for idemeum tenant

If you have not signed up for idemeum tenant yet, please follow the steps below to create a trial tenant for your organization.

Please sign up for a customer tenant, not an MSP one.
How to create idemeum cloud tenant
Create idemeum cloud tenant for your organization so that you can test various idemeum services.

Set up local directory

The easiest way to manage your passwordless users is with idemeum local directory. To enable local directory:

  • Navigate to
  • Access UsersUser source and choose Local
  • Save the configuration

Onboarding new employees with badges will happen automatically (default setting for your new tenant) - when user taps the new badge, idemeum will prompt user for domain credentials, and once credentials are entered and verified, idemeum will create a user record in the cloud along with RFID badge id. You can learn more about RFID user onboarding.

Connect RFID readers

idemeum supports integration with rf IDEAS readers today. We leverage universal SDK to connect to these readers and obtain card data.

You do not need to configure anything for the readers, as users will be automatically onboarded into idemeum local directory.

Install idemeum desktop client

idemeum desktop client is what handles passwordless login with RFID badges. Desktop client can be deployed silently to a fleet of Windows workstations, or can be installed manually with UI.

Follow the steps here to perform manual installation.

Login with RFID badge

You can now start testing RFID SSO with the users that you created in the local directory. You can test various flows, including tap in, tap out, tap over, lock/unlock, as well as switch user scenarios. You can learn more about idemeum RFID SSO supported features.


If you have any questions, drop us a note at or send us a message in the Discord chat.