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Fully-managed cloud-hosted RADIUS infrastructure for Wi-Fi and VPN user authentication. Supports credentials, MFA, and certificates.

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Quick-start guides
This section contains guides on how to deploy, configure, and manage idemeum in a wide range of contexts.
Cloud RADIUS Integrations - idemeum documentation
idemeum is a single place to manage access to applications, desktops, and infrastructure without passwords. Leverage RFID badges or Passwordless MFA.


Idemeum offers cloud-hosted RADIUS service to help you protect your network and wireless infrastructure access. Integrating with idemeum cloud RADIUS offers a new horizon of use cases - VPN control, MFA enforcement, VLAN segmentation, group-based access control, no more shared passwords for Wi-Fi, and more.

You connect your infrastructure to a Cloud RADIUS server, and the communication is protected by complex shared secrets dedicated for your tenant. When your employees access VPN or Wi-Fi they can authenticate with idemeum cloud credentials, Passwordless MFA (mobile app with biometrics), or certificates. Every connection is secure and offers seamless user experience for any resource that employees access in your organization.

Cloud RADIUS features

RADIUS service details
Cloud RADIUS IP address Idemeum Cloud Radius Service details Primary IP address Secondary IP address Server domain name Cloud RADIUS supported protocols Idemeum Cloud Radius Service details Source IPs IPv4 adresses (single, multiple IPs, or CIDR block) Radius