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Wi-Fi clients configuration

This guide describes how user devices need to be configured for successful authentication with idemeum Cloud RADIUS service.

RADIUS with username / password or Passwordless MFA login

Apple devices

Apple macOS, iPhone, and iPad devices require a Wi-Fi profile to be installed on a device, otherwise they will not be able to connect to RADIUS protected network. Use the form below to automatically generate signed Apple profile by simply providing company domain name and your wireless network name.

Windows devices

Windows 10 and 11 devices work right out of the box. To authenticate with username / password simply connect to Wi-Fi, enter your credentials, and access idemeum RADIUS certificate.

Android devices

On Android device connect to the desired Wi-Fi network and specify the following settings:

Setting Value
EAP method TTLS
Phase 2 authentication PAP
CA certificate Use system certificates
CA certificate Request certificate status
Identity Your username, i.e. nik
Password Your password