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RFID Single Sign-On

Application automation

idemeum offers a feature to automatically launch an application once the user signs into the workstation with an RFID badge. You can launch any application, including RDP shortcuts, browsers, native applications, etc.

Automation configuration

Application automation is configured at the desktop level. You can configure application automation for a single workstation, or assign automation settings to a set of machines.

Single workstation configuration

  • Navigate to your idemeum admin portal
  • Access Devices in the left menu
  • Search for a device that you want to configure application automation for
  • Click on ... then choose Automation settings
  • Provide the Windows application path of the application you want to launch. For example to launch an RDP shortcut located in Windows directory I specified the following path.
In case you have a situation where the application name that you are launching is different from the process name that will be running in the system, you need to also provide the Windows process name. Idemeum desktop client will use the path to know what to launch, and it will use the process name to know if the application is launched. You can always check the process name from the Task Manager menu.

For example, if I am launching the application C:\Users\Public\Desktop\EHR.lnk but my process name is NextGenEMR, then I need to specify both.

However, if I am launching the application C:\Windows\ehr.exe and my process name is EHR, then I do not need to specify the process name.

Bulk configuration

  • Navigate to Devices menu and select the checkboxes for the machines for which you want to set up automation
  • Click the blue button at the top (you will see how many machines you selected) and choose Automation settings
  • Assign the application path and optionally process name and Save the configuration