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Quick-start - Just-in-time admin accounts for Entra ID

In this guide we will set up Just-in-time (JIT) admin accounts for customer Entra ID tenants.

1. Prepare your MSP tenant

First and foremost sign up for idemeum cloud tenant and make sure you orient yourself with basic set up, such as adding technicians, creating customer tenants for your MSP, setting up branding and more. We have created a basic MSP tenant set up guide.

Quick-start - MSP tenant set up guide
In this guide we will configure your MSP tenant with basic settings - technicians onboarding, user management, branding, customer tenant creation, and more.

2. Configure customer tenant

Now access the customer tenant you created with a mobile device. You can directly navigate to a customer tenant URL at customer-<your msp domain> or navigate to your MSP postal, Customers section and click on the link from there.

Enable cloud directory for customer tenant

  • Navigate to your customer tenant admin dashboard and enable cloud directory
  • Access UsersUser source and choose Local
  • Save the configuration

Connect Entra ID tenant

We will now connect customer Entra ID tenant with this customer idemeum tenant. Connection is cloud-to-cloud and is done over oAuth protocol. You will need an admin account for customer Entra ID tenant to authenticate and then authorize idemeum cloud to access Entra ID APIs. Detailed steps to connect Entra ID cloud tenant are below.

Connect Entra ID tenant
In this post we will see how you can connect Entra ID tenant to your idemeum customer tenant.

Create entitlement rule for Entra ID application

After the Entra ID is connected, make sure you create entitlement rule so that technicians can access the Entra ID application. Instructions are below.

Connect Entra ID tenant
In this post we will see how you can connect Entra ID tenant to your idemeum customer tenant.

3. Install idemeum browser extension (optional)

Idemeum browser extension offers the convenience of automatically filling credentials when accessing Entra ID customer tenants. Technicians can download the extension from the store and install for their browsers.

Download idemeum software
Windows client Download Windows desktop client iOS mobile app Passwordless MFA for iOS Android mobile app Passwordless MFA for Android Safari extension Safari browser extension Chrome extension Chrome and Edge browser extension

4. Test technician Entra ID access flow

Now you can test the Entra ID access flow. We documented how the technician access flow looks like step by step. Please check the document below.

Entra ID technician login flow
High-level overview of what technicians need to do to request and access Entra ID account for a customer.


If you have any questions please join our Discord chat, and we will help.