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Quick-Start Guides

Quick-start guides

1. Cloud Directory

Your MSP customers can access Windows and macOS workstations, applications, and infrastructure with one set of credentials leveraging idemeum Cloud Directory.

Quick-start for MSP - Cloud Directory for Windows Authentication
Set up idemeum Cloud Directory so that your users can login into Windows with idemeum cloud account. Local accounts will be created automatically, and passwords will be synchronized with idemeum.

2. Privileged Access Management for MSPs

Eliminate admin credentials and MFA codes or pushes for your MSP technicians. Access any customer workstation with Passwordless MFA.

Quick-start for MSP - Passwordless Elevated Access for MSPs
Access any customer workstation without passwords and MFA codes. Simply scan a QR-code with idemeum mobile application and login or elevate.

3. Passwordless MFA

Enable Passwordless MFA for your users to access workstations, applications, and infrastructure without passwords.

Quick-start - Passwordless MFA for local Windows workstations
In this guide we will set up idemeum Passwordless MFA for local Windows workstations. Your customers can access workstations with a mobile device instead of passwords. Idemeum can also automatically create local user accounts or take over existing ones.
Quick-start - Passwordless MFA for domain-joined Windows workstations
In this guide we will set up idemeum Passwordless MFA for domain-joined Windows workstations. Your customers will be able to access workstation without passwords leveraging mobile biometrics.

4. RFID Single Sign-On

Tap an RFID badge and access Windows workstations, web and native applications.

Quick-start - RFID SSO for domain Windows workstations
Set up RFID tap and go for domain-joined Windows workstations.