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Support options

We are here to help. Search our documentation, or reach out to us over email or chat.

Standard support

We offer standard support with our email and Discord channels. Standard support is available between 9am-5pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday, excluding US holidays.

Premium support

We offer reduced time to first response based on issue severity. We can also provide 24/7/365 coverage of support requests. Contact idemeum team for more details.

Initial response time

Issue severity Initial response time
SEV 1 Critical 4 business hours
SEV 2 High 1 business day
SEV 3 Normal 2 business days
SEV 4 Low 4 business days

Severity definitions

Issue severity Definition Example
SEV 1 Critical - Critical impact / complete outage
- Majority of users are impacted
- Customer's business is dramatically impacted
Idemeum is inaccessible for the entire company.
SEV 2 High - Severe impact or downgrade of services
- Majority of users are impacted
- A workaround may be available, but performance is degraded
Certain number of users or workstations can not access idemeum cloud, or a certain functionality such as assigning a service account is not working.
SEV 3 Normal - Restricted impact, most of the system is functioning properly
- Something is not functioning as expected
A user can not access a browser extension, but can still launch most of the applications.
SEV 4 Low - Low impact or information request A user can not recover mobile identity with a mobile device.