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February 3, 2024

Nik Pot

Idemeum cloud

  • IDEM-3617: Entitlement response changes with regards to named accounts
  • IDEM-3616: Configuration settings to enable various RADIUS auth flows
  • IDEM-3615: RADIUS application to support auth mode for auth requests
  • IDEM-3619: Show RADIUS app only for MSP and MSP customer tenants
  • IDEM-3596: Enhance SigninStart API to consider email request type
  • IDEM-3597: Fix bug related to Azure AD serialization

Admin and user portals

  • IDEM-3625: Fix the bug of allowing to promote badge user to admin
  • IDEM-3614: Add credentials auth mode for RADIUS
  • IDEM-3613: Hide shared account configuration when login as MSP named account flag is set to true
  • IDEM-3593: Add settings to enable login with named accounts for MSPs
  • IDEM-3592: Portal - show status “MSP technician” for the tenant
  • IDEM-3488: Bug: Re-fetch the user source config if failed to update existing config