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February 6, 2024

Nik Pot

Idemeum cloud

  • IDEM-3636: Fix local user disable action for user who was onboarded with badge
  • IDEM-3611: Implement OIDC privileged user for Entra ID
  • IDEM-3633: Fix share / un-share of desktop entitlements functionality
  • IDEM-3605: Enhance existing authorize polling API to return the OIDC tokens
  • IDEM-3629: Audit changes for desktop login
  • IDEM-3635: Remove user claims for all customers on update of technician user in MSP tenant
  • IDEM-3632: Enable named account login by default for new customer tenants
  • IDEM-3631: Fix active user count during off boarding
  • IDEM-3620: Public API to download Apple WiFi profile for RADIUS
  • IDEM-3626: Support admin roles for OIDC credentials
  • IDEM-3603: Create user account in target user source configured in admin managed app
  • IDEM-3599: Add new credential type OIDC support for admin managed password app

Admin and user portals

  • IDEM-3637: Provide select all option for actors in the audit section
  • IDEM-3638: Only show Login as MSP technician to MSP tenants
  • IDEM-3639: Desktop MFA settings: hide desktop installer section
  • IDEM-3641: Modify TEMP path to support 8dot3names
  • IDEM-3628: UI - Show username field for MSP tenant
  • IDEM-3634: Devices: Use fixed role for sharing
  • IDEM-3613: Fix: Icon alignment when text is large
  • IDEM-3601: Settings: Hide Secure remote access