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Release notes - June 21, 2024

Nik Pot

HaloPSA and idemeum JIT integration

We now support integration with HaloPSA where technicians can request and manage just-in-time Entra ID admin accounts right from the PSA tickets. Simply navigate to a ticket, click on idemeum custom tab, get redirected to the exact customer tenant, and then you will be able to request JIT account and view the credentials. Idemeum will automatically disable the account after a specified period of time.

HaloPSA idemeum JIT accounts
In this guide we will integrate idemeum just-in-time accounts for Entra ID with Halo PSA. Right from a customer ticket in HaloPSA technicians will be able to request JIT Entra ID accounts and view credentials.

MSP portal and RFID Single Sign-On

We have now fully integrated our RFID Single Sign-On solution under the umbrella of MSP tenant management. Create a customer tenant and with a click of a button enable the RFID tap and go for customer workstations, web, and native Windows applications. If you have healthcare customers, you can now manage RFID Single Sign-On from your MSP portal.