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Release notes - June 28, 2024

Nik Pot

Windows Desktop Agent 1.5.0

  • Enhanced password change detection for desktop client in RFID mode - when desktop agent is installed on local machine with domain line of sight, we can now also verify if password changed at each login, and the user will be prompted to enter new credentials.
  • Password length mismatch error message - when the desktop agent is installed on domain controller, and we try to generate service account password, we can now show the proper message that password generated by idemeum does not meet the DC policy requirements. Admin can go and change the password length to the required option in admin portal.
  • RFID autofill state management - when autofilling user credentials into Windows native applications in the RFID login mode, idemeum desktop agent can now effectively manage autofill state even when users login with native credential provider.
  • Desktop icon removal - when idemeum Windows desktop agent is installed, we no longer create a desktop shortcut.

JIT Entra ID accounts

Entra ID account TOTP support

When technicians request JIT Entra ID accounts, idemeum will automatically create Entra ID account with username and password. You can now also save MFA TOTP secret in idemeum for your Entra ID JIT account, so that techs access customer Entra tenants with MFA.

  • When account is requested from the admin portal, click on ... and choose Configure TOTP key
  • You can now add and save your TOTP key for this account

Extension auto fill

Extension now supports autofill of credentials and TOTP for JIT Entra accounts. Once you request the account, you can click on the application icon, the new tab will open, and idemeum will autofill credentials and TOTP.